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Mold Removal in Long Island

If you're located on Long Island, mold removal service doesn't have to be a costly, prolonged ordeal when you work with the experts at Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration. With years of experience and training, our staff is fully committed to restoring the integrity of your home. Whether you've just discovered mold in your home or commercial building or have been aware of its presence for some time, your health and the quality of your home and belongings are at stake.

Mold has the potential to damage your health in addition to destroying your home. Side-effects of mold inhalation have included respiratory problems, allergies, environmental hypersensitivity and more. Allowing yourself to live in a house infected with fungal growth can be dangerous if action isn't taken quickly. There are areas in your home such as the basement or crawlspace that shouldn't be neglected either. You don't have to live down there so why not neglect it for a while? Actually, you are sharing the same air that exists in your basement or crawlspace due to the natural upward flow of air. Heat rises causing the flow of air in your home to draw from the crawlspace, upward through your home. Whatever conditions exist in your crawlspace, naturally exist in your living space. If your crawlspace is damp and musty, it becomes a perfect breeding ground for mold to grow. Mold will rapidly decrease the quality of air in your crawlspace, which will in turn affect the quality of air in your home. Mold spores can also travel within this air and contaminate your living space. It is important to improve the quality of air in your crawlspace; the health of your home and your family depend on it.

At I.C.E.R., we have the equipment and staff to respond immediately to your claim. First, we inspect the contamination, then we work to locate the source, whether it be moisture, high humidity, or past water intrusion, and work to stop the spread of further growth. After the initial inspection, a remediation plan is created to determine the most efficient and cost effective procedure to not only remove the mold but to kill it at its source to inhibit future contamination. A team of remediation professionals will come in to complete the remediation and eliminate the existing conditions in which the mold was able to grow.

For service on Long Island, the mold removal experts at Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration are your source for the Remediation, repair, and air quality of your structure. Don't put off the problem and cause potential hazards: contact us as soon as you discover harmful mold or musty odors in your home.

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Green Cleaning Available. We Help Protect the Environment. Mold Remediation, Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanups & Water Mitigations can be performed using environmental friendly cleaning products.

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